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David Ringheim






V1L 0A7

Artist's Statement

Balance. The design of this table is an exercise in just that. Balance in design principles and balance in construction. Balance in symmetry is conveyed through the book-matched walnut top, the curved but mirrored legs and the hour glass pedestal. Balance in color is highlighted by the burl maple base in contrast to the walnut which lightens the visual weight of the table. Balance in construction, The structural challenge of the table is to cantilever the top with out sacrificing ascetics over stability. Both had to work together with out one taking more importance over the other. Custom one of a kind furniture demands to be just that, one of a kind. There is nothing wrong with production, that just means it is a good enough design that more than one person desires it. As a designer I hope most of my designs appeal to many people but as a builder I want to build new pieces each and every time I step into the shop. This table design satisfies my desires to build fun projects and gives clients room to customize elements to suit their specific ascetic tastes.

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