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Olson van der Vorst




North Carolina



Artist's Statement

As a designer and craftsman, I’ve realized that I’ve always loved learning. I like learning with my hands. Pen to paper, or gloves in resin, sticky and covered in denim. Learning with my hands inspires me to create objects that intrigue users through form or texture. In my work I find inspiration in exploration of materials and processes. During the design process, I thrive when I am problem solving and learning. I strive to a high level of craft and a strong relationship between form, function and material. I enjoy hands on construction of furniture, and have recently incorporated CADD in my work, using CNC machinery to bring aspects of the fabrication process to a higher level of precision. I primarily design functional pieces; however, I enjoy expressing myself in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art and design. I have a wide range of interests when it comes to mediums, including wood, metals, composites, and upholstery. I like to experiment with texture and color both physically and formally by using unlike materials in a complementary way. I find joy in solving problems in creative ways. Deigning and crafting pieces that intrigue users with creativity is a common goal for all of my work.

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