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Shih Wu


Garden City





Artist's Statement

I believe that design is an art that dedicates itself to exploring the desire of humans, the strength of materials, the needs of society, and embodying the belief of a designer. I believe that design is not just a servant for consumerism, but has the power of transforming this world silently and gently. Furniture is a design category that has existed for more than 5000 years, and it was at first only large built-in equipment used to make a space suitable for living. Because of the prewired pursuit of beauty in our DNA, we have an aesthetic expectation of our living environment. Furniture became a representation of our personal taste. Also, furniture takes up most of the space in our home. We are seeing and touching it almost all the time, but we are usually unaware of its influence on our emotions. If our house is a forest that we are living in, furniture is the trees that not only support the living of animals and other smaller plants but also build the overall imagery of the forest. That is, furniture is more than utility and aesthetic taste, it is the spirit of space, and it shapes our behaviors upon interacting with it. As a furniture designer, I celebrate the positive influences that furniture has on us physically and mentally and value the opportunities for furniture design to shape peoples’ lives.

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